29 June 2012


Leah here - I have been thinking about making a post about Pau's incredible vocabulary. About 2 months ago I started writing words down. After a few days I realized that was an impossible task because he literally learns dozens of new words every day. He now speaks in full sentences. Some favorite Pau quotes:

(after coming into my room in the morning and finding me asleep in bed*) "Wake up Mama!"
(after dropping a toy on the sofa) "Dropped. Sofa."
(when he doesn't find it there) "Floor. Think so!"
(while we are singing songs at the table and Grandpa chimes in slightly off key) "Stop it Grandpa."
(about 20 times a day when he isn't happy with something) "No. Go away."
(around his bathroom ritual) "Poop. Potty. Dump it. Flush."
(when I try to help to do something he feels capable of doing on his own) "No. Self"
*he sleeps in a bed nowadays - no more crib!

At this point Andrés speaks in hourlong essays on the meaning of life and death so to mention his vocabulary is to miss the point. But, he does have some unique words worth noting:
"Cowfa" couch / sofa
"Popstickle" popsicle
"Youknowme" Naomi

Sculptors at Work

Pau shows Grandma how to make a "ball." Other things he makes include: "doffin" dolphin, "seagull","balloon","tuhta" turtle. When he places one small piece on top of another he says, "Balance."

Grandma shows Pau how to make a pancake. When he sees it he says, " Flat."

Shopping Trip

Baby Grace

On Tuesday we met baby Grace and her Mama Trisha. She is very happy and friendly and (surprise surprise) wanted to be friends with Pau. Both of us liked her a lot. We touched her gently and she felt soft.

27 June 2012

Pau's Furst Haircut

Pau had his first haircut while I was having mine. 

He was distracted by the toy cell phone and sat (basically) still in Grandpa Don's lap the whole time.

Grandpa was thrilled to be a part of the big day.

My First Professional Haircut

Today I convinced Mama that I wanted to go to the hair salon for a haircut. My plan was that Mama would have her hair cut first, then Pau would have his hair cut, and I would have mine cut last. We went to The Yellow Balloon, a children's salon in Studio City. Things didn't go quite as planned.

The haircut started out OK, I got to sit in a yellow taxi AND eat a lollipop.

Before long I was sick of being covered in falling hair (I had refused to wear the cover). And angry that the car wouldn't move.

Mama tried to get the haircutter to even out the length and make it shorter on the sides. I freaked out and threw a little fit.
Someone started playing a movie on a TV in the corner and that distracted me long enough for Debbie to sneakily finish cutting my hair.
And here is the proof that I survived!

Pau and his Fan Club

25 June 2012

Audience Members

On Saturday night we went to see Naomi and Lauren in their dance recital. When the lights went down Pau said, "Dark. Scary." But he enjoyed the dances and the snacks. Mama was impressed with both of us. And Naomi and Lauren were beautiful!

24 June 2012


Yesterday we visited Owen (4 1/2), Beckett (2 1/2), and their mama, Ryan, in the Pacific Palisades. What fun!

22 June 2012


Today we went to Kidspace Museum in Pasadena with Grandpa and Andy and Jack (no Hungry the dog). It is hidden inside the Rose Bowl, right next to the Arroyo Seco. We had fun exploring but barely touched the surface of all there was to do.

Grandpa explains the fountain.
I am not too good at pedalling. I need some practice, preferably where there is less traffic!
I am a really good climber, tho.
See you later guys!

pop. Pop. POP!

20 June 2012


We discovered this fabulous installation of yellow tubes outside LA County Museum of Art. I called it Noodles!!

Yarn Bombing

Checking out the yarn bombing on Wilshire Boulevard in front of the Craft and Folk Art Museum. Mama has always wanted to see this form of guerilla urban crafting. Way cool. Here are some downspouts with sweaters.
 A cozy bikerack.
Another downspout with knitwear. This one next to a large kitchen sponge sculpture in the museum window.

La Brea Tar Pits