30 September 2010

Gym Class

Now that I'm so grown up I am taking a tumbling class at the gym.
This is Mama and me in the foam block pit at the gym. I loved it!

Here I am climbing on the "S". That giant lavender belly above me belongs to my mom. Supposedly my baby brother is in there.

23 September 2010

Milk shake

Daddy and I enjoying a delicious home-made milk shake (flavor banana and young coconut).

Wait, what's mom doing with that camera?

21 September 2010

Grandma Love

Grandma Judy arrived on Saturday to visit me and my parents. We are very good at keeping each other busy. I love you Judy!

07 September 2010

Good to Be Back Home!

First day home and I'm ready for daycare!

Playing after our Saturday trip to Haymarket.

02 September 2010

Barcelona > Boston

More airplanes! More airports! No Sleep! More fun!
Papa brought me home from Barcelona. First we flew to Amsterdam, thn from Amsterdam to Boston.

Safety First

still dark when we depart at 6:30

watching the sun rise out the window