27 September 2009

I'm 8 Months Old!

To celebrate my eight month anniversary (is it mensiversary?) we had Dim Sum (Chinese Brunch) with Deyu and his roommate. I love Chinese food, though I was only allowed to taste the tofu...

A Few Updates on My Life:
Eating -

This is still one of my favorite activities. I have now tried both hamburger and chicken, in addition to the entire vegetable kingdom. They taste good, but I could use a few more teeth to help me eat the meats.

Sleeping - 12 hours a night. I'm still not a big fan of napping.

Growing - As can be expected of anyone with an appetite like mine, I am getting bigger! I am maintaining my extra rolls and round belly, which Mama loves. I now have 2 teeth and way more hair than I did 4 months ago. It seems to be light brown.

Playing -

Another favorite activity. I especially like taking toys out of boxes and putting them back in. I am getting very good at "give" and "take." I enjoy handing things over. . . and getting them back. The bath is a constant source of fun and it works in all kinds of weather.

Communicating -
Today I said my first word, Mama * . The fact that she's been repeating it endlessly for the past month and a half helped me to learn how to pronounce it. Thanks, Mama. I can point at a few body parts when asked in Catalan and English. In general, even only saying one real word, I usually manage to get my point across.
*I think it should count at least twice since it means the same in English, Catalan, and Spanish.

Moving - Well, I may not be crawling but I eventually get where I'm going. It is frustrating using the technique I currently employ. This involves keeping my cheek to the floor while pushing with my feet. On the wood floor I like to do the backwards butt slide while sitting upright. This is entertaining but doesn't get me any closer to the things I want that are lying in front of me.

OK, friends, that's all for now!

planning my next trip

David and Sheherazade invited us for delicious dinner. I ate a plum. Sheherazade is expecting a little boy, so I gave them a few tips on the kind of stuff WE like (like that wonderful globe they let me play with)

Saturday Fun with Family

Today is a beautiful September day and eventhough I have my first cold, I am having a good time. I got to meet my Great Uncle Daniel and Great Aunt Marina who are visitng from Columbus, Ohio. We had brunch in Brookline Village in Boston with their daughter Angela and her boyfriend David.

I had a feeling Marina looked very nice. . . .

. . . and I was right!

After we got home I helped Dad with some yard work.

My New Blocks

Yesterday my new friends Jenny and her son Max loaned me my first set of blocks. After tasting them to make sure they were OK, I had a blast playing.

10 September 2009

Nice to Meet You, Marçal

Today I met my new friend Marçal. His parents Mireia and Jaume brought him to visit us. He looked so tiny and sweet! He is only 3 weeks old.

09 September 2009

Anna and Me

At Miramar, the viewpoint on top of Montjuic in Barcelona. It was a perfect, sunny Saturday.

Mi Primer Castellers

On Sunday I saw my first human castles at the Festa Major of Sabadell, a city near Barcelona. My dad has told me about how he used to participate a few years ago.

This formation is called pilar de cinc (pillar of five). Dad has been in a pillar of four. So strong!

First I met up with some friends:

Javi, Digna and Neus feeding me breakfast before our adventure.

Everything is relative: I am a giant next to baby Arnau (his parents are Andrea and Victor on the right - Javi and Digna are on the left. . . practicing)

Pepe has a fun face.

02 September 2009

Adventure in Sevilla

Today Miguel Angel took us into Sevilla to see the doves. We rode the train from Brenes.

This is Plaza de Espa. . . It is magnificent.

El Parque de Maria Luisa con todas las palomas. They were very hungry!

Maleta o Cuna

Suitcase for some. . . crib for me!

01 September 2009

Mi Familia en Sevilla

On Friday we left La Puebla and drove to my grandparents´house in Brenes, outside of Sevilla.

Having a snack with my grandparents.

The next day I met many members of my family.

First we visited my great grandmother Antonia.

Four generations: Antonia, Miguel Angel, my Dad, and me.

Getting to know Antonia.

Next we went to my great Aunt Angelita´s house for lunch.

Tia Rosario, tia abuela Tonieta, tia abuela Elena, yo, mi papa, y tia Angelita.

Our feast on the patio with tio abuelo Manolo and tio abuelo Marco. That day we had record heat in Sevilla. . . .47 C or 116 F!