29 September 2012

Counting in Arabic


Pau is talking so much now he can almost keep up with me.

When dinner was over and it was time to clean up he said, "Cleaned chair last night." It's true, he did clean his chair last night. Then he paused for a moment, thinking, and said, "Cleaned chair yesterday."

We were all very impressed.

28 September 2012

Desert Green

Mama never thought she'd support planting a lawn in the desert, in her own backyard, but guess what? She did! And we enjoy it every day. This is the Do-It-Yourself version:

  Looks good, don't you agree?
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27 September 2012

Trains, Stations, Magnets

We spent the afternoon building train stations. Pau populated his with Lego people and then said, "Abu Dhabi Station."
 I discovered the combination of magnets and trains.
Pau puts a person on his "tunnel."

09 September 2012


Today was the first day that  Pau wore underpants to school, and he didn't have any accidents. Wow, what a big boy! When Mama came to pick us up, Pau's teacher said with a big smile, "He is wearing the same clothes he was wearing this morning!" We are so proud!

05 September 2012

Neighbors Come to Play

That's Omar and Bassl from next door. They came over to play after school. Fun.
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