28 February 2009

Hanging Around the House

Anna makes me smile. I like napping on her, too. And playing with Mom and Dad.

27 February 2009

Encantado tío Michael!

While on a trip to the east coast Uncle Michael stopped by our house to meet me. He made me smile. I made sure to show him how well I can squirm, which made him smile, too.

Pardee Progeny

Yesterday Daddy took me to his office to show me off. I wonder what he has planned for my Longer-Range Future. . .

26 February 2009

20 February 2009

Small Parts

My mom cannot stop taking photos of me! I am starting to feel like Britney Spears being hounded by the paparazzi! I guess it's my job as first born child to just smile and patiently endure. . . . actually, I am still trying to master the 'just smile' thing. . .

Hasta Luego Tia Rosario!!

Thanks for letting me ride in your limo on the way to the airport, Tia. We all miss you already!

12 February 2009

Thanks Inge!

Tonight Mom, Dad and Auntie Rosario had for dinner a delicious eggplant, lamb and potato dish that our friend Inge had pre-cooked and left at the door ready to be put in the oven. Inge totally gets a lot of brownie points! And mom, dad and auntie had more spare time to play with me!  :-)

11 February 2009

Sleeping Angel

Aren't I cute?

(for those who are wondering, yes, I also have a proper crib, but I
prefer the basket because I can sleep close to my mom and dad)

Doug & Sikina come for a visit

My parents' friends Sikina and Doug came home for a visit and brought delicious dinner with them, what a treat! I'm still on milk diet, so didn't get to try it, but surely smelled good! They promised when I grow up, in a few weeks or so, they'll teach me to play Carcassone.

09 February 2009

08 February 2009

I like vegetables

Today dad went to the Hay Market. He couldn't bring me along because I'm just 10 days old and I'm not supposed to meet crowds yet (something to do with cooties, I think). But he brought a ton of colorful vegetables, I can't wait to taste them in my milk.

07 February 2009

My first stroll...

Today it was a balmy 31F (-0.5ºC) so my awesome parents took me out for my first stroll... It was so exciting that l I slept like a log the whole time. But it doesn't matter, because I'm too cute, even when asleep.
My parents took me to the Fresh Pond. It was very pretty, we saw frozen twigs and we even found a snowman taller than my mom.



06 February 2009

My favorite chill spot

white is the new soft. Check my favorite lounging area, and how well I behave while my parents have breakfast (or is it lunch?) Can you find me in the first picture?

04 February 2009

check out my outfit


it's the same my dad was wearing when he was an infant! (who knew he was once so small).

Oh, and don't forget to check my cute parents too!

02 February 2009

Going Home!

After five days in the hospital, I finally get to dress like a grown up (never mind the diapers) and explore the world wide world (I'll start with the four blocks from the hospital to home).