28 April 2009

Weekend Fun on the Block

Babies, babies, babies! These handsome twins are Ivan and Alexander with their parents Christie and Yan. They are 3 months older than me (which means that this month they are TWICE as old as me). They live across the street next door to Stephanie, Stephano and their son Alexander (below). We are lucky to have such cool neighbors. . .

21 April 2009

Me gusta leer

especialmente cuadros

Dinner at FANTICKEL´s

Yesterday my parents friends, Annette Fantasia and Jake Glickel invited
us to their place and cooked an amazing dinner.
I slept through the delicious seafood pasta course, but couldn´t resist

I love when Annette holds me, she´s so comfortable, and Jake is super
interesting, I can´t take my eyes off of him!

20 April 2009

A Walk at Fells Reservation

It was a lovely day for a walk in the Baby Bjorn and lunch by the North Reservoir.

09 April 2009

Great Great

Today Mom and Grandpa took me to Laguna Niguel to meet my Great Great Aunt Shirley and Uncle Victor. Shirl and I had a brief but potent love affair. . . .

08 April 2009

Meeting the Brandchafts

We had a lovely visit with Great Uncle Bernie, Cousin Florence, and Great Aunt Elaine. Cousin Priscilla was an added surprise - she is visiting from London. She knew just what to say to a little boy like me!

Napping, California Style

06 April 2009

Tantos Amigos!

Weisman/Macomber family portrait (plus me)

Caroline plays the wind chime.

It was fun meeting Sage and Manish. I can't wait to be big enough to play with their son, Joaquin. He is such a mature 3 month old!

Indra strikes a pose.

Susanna focuses, using her tongue.

Georgia and Indra hamming it up.