27 July 2010

Summertime Swim

On Saturday we had a big barbeque. The swimming pool was a hit.

From the left that's Ivan, Alexander, and Lyla.

22 July 2010

buena cosecha

Hoy toca cosecha de tomates.

Aunque yo les llamo "berries".

Porque seamos sinceros,

entre un tomate y una fresa no hay tanta diferencia! ;-)

21 July 2010

Where is Andrés?

There he is!!!!!

Our New Car

We graduated from our little green 2 door VW GTI to a 4 door Kia Rondo wagon. My parents are really growing up.

I modeled the cars on the showroom floor. I wish our Kia was this color. . . .

Test Drive. Steering wheel looks good but I'm not sure what's happening on the road. I guess I'll wait a few years to try this outside.

Mom's super excited driving home from the dealership. You can't see me but I'm in the back seat enjoying the rear ventilation.

That's our Kia from behind. Pretty cute!

19 July 2010

Polo de coco

Hoy de postre me he comido un polo de coco. Bueno, era el polo de mi
mama, pero estaba claro que me lo iba a comer yo...

13 July 2010

4th of July

For the 4th of July we rode our bikes to see the fireworks on the Charles River. Memorial Drive was closed to traffic and filled with people celebrating Independence Day. I stayed up very late and when the fireworks started I said, "No! No! No!" But when they stopped I pointed up to the sky and said "Boom boom! More!"

Walden Pond and de Cordova Museum

Last week I was busy with Maya and Grandma and Grandpa's visit so I forgot to post pictures of a few memorable experiences. . .

Here I am on July 3 with Dad and Mom (behind the camera) at Walden Pond.

After a hike around the pond, a picnic and a swim, we went to the de Cordova Sculpture Park. The giant sculptures were really cool. And this xylophone was my favorite.

06 July 2010

Summer Day on the Farm

Today I went to Drumlin Farm with Grandma, Grandpa and cousin Maya who are visiting from LA.

I climbed a giant fallen tree.

Papa and I drove a very old tractor.

Mama compared her big belly to the pigs' big bellies.

I found someone familiar hiding in this mural.

I made friends with a giant sheep.

And I entertained Maya weighing some eggs. It was a very fun (and very hot) day on the farm.