26 April 2012

Today in 15 Steps

Today we faced the "find a park you can actually play in" challenge.

Step 1. Go to the series of playgrounds on the Corniche that you've been eyeing from the car for weeks.

Step 2. After wondering why there are no cars in the parking lot on this beautiful day, notice that there is one truck. Notice that the truck has a thin hose coming out of it. Notice that at the other end of that hose is a man with a respirator.

Step 3. Decide that inhaling pesticide is no way to start the day. Feel thankful that you never got out of the car. 

Step 4. Head to another park.

Step 5. Remember that Abu Dhabi Mums' toddler group is meeting today at the playground on the corner of 30th and 15th. Drive there. 

Step 6. Feel pleased about finding a shaded, unmetered parking space. Notice in the rear-view mirror that the park is suspiciously surrounded by a temporary wall. Read "Park Closed" sign.

Step 7. Head to another park.

Step 8. Arrive at Khalidiyah Park. Park the car. Purchase the 2 Dirham ticket for one hour of parking and place it in the front windshield of the car. Enter the park.

Step 9. Get over Andrés' comment, "There aren't enough toys here." Try not to let on that you totally agree.

Step 10. PLAY! Eat (sandy) snacks.

Step 11. Stop by market for cold milk to drink and pick up some cool mack trucks.

Step 12. Drive home.

Step 13. Baths for everyone

Step 14. Eat lunch (again)

Step 15. NAP!

Room #2 Clear Day View

Presidential palace with grassy helipad and boat / jet ski launch Dhow parking, contruction staging, worker buses

Emirates Palace

24 April 2012

Lunch at IRENA

Today we had lunch at Papa's work. He showed us how to measure using a ruler.

33 °C / 93 °F
24 °C / 75°F
max humidity 73%

22 April 2012

I'm SO Ready

to go to school!

This was a visit to a nursery school that we didn't like so much. The playground equipment was nice, though!

Room #3 Hazy Day View

Feeding Pau his yogurt in the window of our new room at the hotel.

By the way, this is our third suite at this hotel. . . . . I am ready to find a real house and I keep asking when we will, and why it is taking so long. Mama and Papa say it's because they are very picky and that we need a yard or patio, which is very difficult to find here. Please send us good luck on our housing search!

30 °C / 86 °F
20 °C / 68°F
max humidity 83%

21 April 2012

Abu Dhabi Nightline

as seen from the beach at Heritage Village.

31 °C / 86 °F
19 °C / 67 °F
max humidity 78%

20 April 2012

Cheap Thrills

These little machines kept me happy for about an hour while Papa and Pau did the grocery shopping. It was a total deal at 1 dirham per ride (about 27 American cents).

32 °C / 91 °F
18 °C / 64 °F
max humidity 78%

14 April 2012

Building with Legos

The other day I made a tall structure out of legos. Mama asked what I was building.
"A mosque!" I told her. "No, it's an antennae. . . . It's a mosque antennae!"

Friday Afternoon Stroll

We managed to walk out of our hotel all together with stroller for the first time since arriving one month ago. Until now, there had been so much construction there was no way to walk on the side of the (fast) road because there is no sidewalk.
That is one of the Etihad Towers located near where we are staying.

As we walked Mama was explaining how there is no soil in deserts, only sand. She asked what else makes the desert different than other places. I answered, "The construction!"

The view from the Etihad driveway.

Nice fountain.

Pau makes a straight line for the stairs.

Room #1 Clear Day View