28 August 2010

Arri Arri Tatanet

One of my favorite songs, performed by some of my favorite people (Grandma Anna, mi padrina Digna and mi padrino, Javi).

Slam Dunk (Mama's Genes)

If you've ever seen my dad try to throw a piece of trash in the wastebasket, or a dirty sock in the hamper, you know what this blog post title means.

26 August 2010

Arnau and his Vehicles

Arnau comes from a family of car lovers. When we met for ice cream in Sabadell, he let me borrow his tricycle/stroller. He is very good at sharing.

Arnau shows me how to use his telephone.

Arnau's mama, Andrea, pushes me on the tricycle/stroller.

Arnau with his papa, Victor, me, Papa and Mama.

25 August 2010

Marçal, et al

My one-year-old friend Marçal came from the mountains to visit. It is hard to believe that he was only 3 weeks old when we met last summer (click the link to see us) Nice to Meet You Marçal
He brought his mama, Mireia and papa, Jaume. He is a very handsome and friendly boy!

I demonstrated how to eat tomatoes with a spoon.

Marçal demonstrated how to drink water from a glass.

24 August 2010

Mi Padrino

I was very happy to see my godfather, Javi. He got right to work teaching me how to use his Android.

Back in Bellaterra

Our first day back Anna took us to the supermarket and we made a delicious lunch for my Tia Angelita who was visiting from Seville.

23 August 2010

On the Road Again

We took another long ride from La Combe back to Barcelona. We made nice stops in Rodez and Narbonne, France, and drove over the world's tallest bridge, the viaduct in Millau.

The viaduct, designed by Norman Foster, is 343 meters (1,125 ft) tall.


Au Revoir Famille!

It was very sad to say goodbye to my Andalusian family. I miss you Miguel, Sofia, and Rosario!

22 August 2010

I Scream for Ice Cream

To cool off one day we took a ride to Decazeville in our air conditioned car. And, as everyone knows, nothing beats the heat like ice cream!

20 August 2010

Sunset at the Farm

This is the view from our front door. Monsieur André, the farmer who owns our house, waters his corn every 10 days in summer. I like him not only because he shares my name, but also because he gives us baskets full of fresh tomatos and leeks from his garden. Mmmmmmmmm

Lovely St. Julienne

A tiny village by the side of the road. We stopped to explore and were lucky enough to meet a kind lady who had lived there all her life. We noticed that many of the keystones were carved with dates. One was from the 1600's!

Hot Hiking

While we were in France, a heat wave hit. Nevertheless, we went one day for a hike and a picnic.

My favorite part was the reward at the end. A cool bath in the fountain! Mama liked how I washed my feet. . .

19 August 2010

My First World Heritage Site

Near where we were staying is the beautiful medieval village of Conques. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is built into a hillside so I got some help walking on the steep streets.

18 August 2010


In addition to my primary food source - freshly picked berries - every meal included an array of delicious cheeses and wines (I skipped the wines). This was a lunch of steak tartar (see Papa's and Rosario's plates). I skipped the raw meat. . . actually I skipped this entire meal while sleeping siesta.

Tour Guide

After thoroughly reading the tourist brochures, I had many ideas about what to do and see while in France. Here I am explaining them to Mama.

La Combe, France

From Geneva we drove to a farmhouse La Combe (in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France) where we spent a week with Miguel Angel, Sofia, Rosario, and her boyfriend, Rafa.

Our house was steps away from the Lot River which was so calm that it usually looked like glass.

In the mornings we liked to walk to the river's edge to pick delicious blackberries.

Nearby was a campground and horse stables. Miguel Angel taught me not to be afraid.

16 August 2010

Goodbye Switzerland!

Our last day in Geneva was bittersweet. We celebrated Nuria's birthday with fondue at a delicious restaurant followed by a game of poker at home.
I stayed busy with Gabriel's trucks.
. . . apparently I can be pretty entertaining.

We were sad to leave, but happily we were able to watch the trash truck one last time just before loading the car and heading to France!

Piano Virtuoso?

my parents surely think so!
(click on the video twice to see full size)

15 August 2010

Family Time in Geneva

In Geneva I began practicing to have a baby brother by learning how to give my doll, Pepet, a bottle.

This is the Lego base Gabriel and Papa made.

Reading is a good way to unwind after a busy day playing.

14 August 2010

Lake Geneva

Yesterday in the afternoon we took a walk along the Lake. The weather was perfect and the city looked beautiful.

Papa and I rode a carousel after I finally allowed the operator to take the swiss franc from my hand. Then we shared a delicious ice cream with Mama (she did her best not to eat the entire thing by herself). For dinner we had pizza in an outdoor trattoria. We even got to ride the tram home!

Playing with the Big Boys

in Gabriel's personal Lego paradise. He must truly love me to let me in here amongst his incredible constructions!

12 August 2010

Adventures in Geneva

What a day! Non-stop fun at Tia Nuria and Primo Gabriel's house in Geneva.

9:17 playing with buses, "gucks" (trucks) and "aars" (cars)

10:20 Papa and Gabriel seem to be having more fun playing with their toy than I am playing with mine. . .

10:31 Papa shows me his toy. (This is Mama's worst nightmare.)

11:25 We take a walk to Le Jardin Botanique

11:56 Gabriel and Mama join me for a ride on the magical carousel

12:38 We play in the playground

and climb a tree

18:01 after lunch I skip my nap (Mama takes one instead) and go straight for more fun. The fountains in front of the United Nations.

Goodnight world! See you tomorrow!