24 November 2012


Blogger told us that we have maxed out our storage space. Can you believe it? So, please wait patiently while we figure out a solution.

20 November 2012


Since we have all been sick we have been talking a lot about germs, the importance of hand washing, and not sharing cups. Papa and I found pictures of germs on the internet and this is one that I drew all by myself (well, Papa held a bottle for me to trace the circle shape). I also wrote my name.

18 November 2012

Doctor Visit

15.8 kg / 35 lbs   97cm / 38"

12 kg / 26.5 lbs   86 cm / 34"

17 November 2012

We're Sick

All 4 of us have gotten a nasty flu in the past few days. I came down with a fever on Wednesday almost a week ago. Next came Mama and Papa with a stomach bug. Then Pau. I have spent more time lying down resting than I ever have before.

16 November 2012

1000th BLOG POST

1 0 0 0 ! ! !
We started this blog on January 27, 2009, the day I was born. Three years, nine months, sixteen days, one brother, and 1000 blog posts later. . . . Here We Are!!!

11 November 2012

Mama the Landscape Architect

Mama is designing the landscape for these buildings (under construction now) in Abu Dhabi. Lucky for us the construction site is near our school so we get to go and see it sometimes. 

Once a week she goes to Dubai (1.5 hours each way). This is the view on Sheikh Zayed Road entering one of the many clusters of skyscrapers that make up the city. She always goes and comes right back and really hasn't seen anything but this road and her office. Some day she'll take us all to see Dubai.

10 November 2012

Exploring the Compound

Local Flavor

We found this little farm in the walkway 1 block from home. These little pens with goats and chickens are pretty common around here. Chickens running around freely is common, too.

09 November 2012

Boating with Buffer

Our friends Yelena and Steve took us on our first Abu Dhabi boat ride. Their dog Buffer came along to provide entertainment.

This was our view of Abu Dhabi island from the water. The tall, sand-colored building on the left is the hotel we lived in for 3 months. The two shining towers are the Etihad Towers, Mama's favorite buildings in Abu Dhabi.
This is the Presidential Palace.
Here we are feeling the wind in our hair, enjoying the lovely fall weather.

We rode to Al Maya Island where there were shade trees and we had a picnic and swam. What a wonderful day! Thank you to our lovely hosts.   
Max 32 °C / 89 °F  Min 23 °C / 74 °F

04 November 2012

Giant Airplane

Pau made this "Giant airplane" all by himself.

Max 33 °C / 91 °F  Min 21 °C / 70 °F


Fish display at the supermarket. Shark, stingray, and others. Not for Sale : (

03 November 2012

Emirates Park Zoo

We went to the Emirates Park Zoo for Sofia's 2nd birthday party (2 days after Pau's). What a hidden gem! It's about 45 minutes away, but soooo worth it.

Max 33 °C /91 °F  Min 22°C / 72 °F

Arcade Games

This is how a two-year old plays arcade games. "What fun! What fun!" he says.

Typical Abu Dhabi Bday Party

02 November 2012




Max 33 °C / 92 °F  Min 22 °C / 72 °F

Pau's 2nd Birthday (Observed)

Since Pau fell asleep before we could celebrate on his real birthday, we decided to celebrate on Thursday instead. Chocolate pudding with three candles. One for each year and one for good luck. Pau blew them all out!
First bite.

Spoons are totally over-rated.

Presents!!!  Crayons, drawing pad,

my own dinosaur water bottle, bubbles,
and real watches for both of us! Lucky older brothers get presents, too.
Birthday presents at work

Pau says thank you to Grandpa Miki for the songs, to Grandma Anna for the virtual birthday cake, to Marçal for the video, and to all the other friends and family who sent birthday wishes from around the world.