30 June 2010

Riding the Minuteman Trail

Last weekend Mom, Dad, and I went for a REALLY LONG BIKE RIDE (23 miles/37 km) using my new bike trailer. We rode from our house to the Minuteman Trail and did the whole ride all the way through Arlington, Lexington and Bedford, MA and back home.

At first I wasn't excited about the trailer, but I got used to it and by the end even had fun! Plus, my helmet is super cool.
(By the way - look at Mama's big belly. She keeps telling me my baby brother is in there, but I can't see him yet.)

We stopped for a picnic in Arlington.

We rested at the Bedford Train Depot at the end of the trail just in time to find shelter from the thunderstorm that struck while we were there. Mom was super tired and took a nap on the old train car while Papa and I explored.

On the way home we took a coffee break in Lexington.
It was a long, fun, and TIRING day for us all!!

Boston Children's Museum

a wonderful place to spend an incredibly hot and humid day.

27 June 2010

Working the System

Like most kids, I don't always want to go to bed when my parents say it's bedtime. Since I've been potty training, I've figured out that after drinking my night-time bottle, if I say, "pee pee (pi pi)," whichever parent is putting me to sleep will take me into the bathroom to use the toilet - so I get to stay awake a little bit longer. Last night I added a new touch. After "pi pi" was finished, all I had to say was, "teeth" and I got to stay up even later to brush my teeth.

Little Feet

Ice Cream Treat

Surprisingly, I decided I liked both - Dad's fig and Mom's chocolate banana.

21 June 2010


We went to Habitat at Mass Audoban today. It is a bird sanctuary with a beautiful turtle pond. There was a lot to explore.

16 June 2010

Typical Tuesday

Mom and I started the day hanging out at home.

I made some installation art in the bathroom.

In the late morning we went to the greatest park in Cambridge, it's the Alexander Kemp Playground at Cambridge Common. After getting soaked in the play showers and water fountains I climbed and played in the sand. Mom dried me off for a picnic in the shade and then I tried to climb this kid-made wooden path.

Soon I got back in my stroller and. . . .

the rest is history.

El Telefono

15 June 2010

Hillsdale Weekend

Last weekend our friend Jenny hosted us and 2 other families for a relaxing vacation in the Berkshire mountains. We ate, played, and explored. Mom caught up with her old friends from Wesleyan while I played with their kids. So much fun!

Thank you Jenny!!!

01 June 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in Cambridge

This weekend we had 3 days of fun around the house and the neighborhood.

Jake came over and entertained me.

We made (and enjoyed) popsicles.

I took nice, long naps allowing my parents to enjoy some relaxation on the patio.

And mom took me to the bakery for delicious banana bread while Daddy slept in.

I wish every weekend was 3 days long and sunny!!!!