27 October 2012

Halloween in Abu Dhabi

Two bats ready for flight!

Hippie Papa brings spanish omelette to the Halloween party on our compound.

Pau practices flapping his wings. He stayed "in character" all night,

 flapping his bat wings and saying "Flap flap. Flap flap," wherever he went.

I make my grand entrance.

Here's our neighbor dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

Halloween feast.
Tastes good. "More triangles please," says Pau.
Waiting for my pizza with a princess.
Pau boldly approached these big boys wanting to get in on the action.
The scene on the tennis court, site of the Halloween games.

Lining up for the piñata.

Costume contest

Candy hands.
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20 October 2012

Typical Weekend at Home

The weekend here is Friday and Saturday. We usually spend most of our time at home, improving and enjoying our big, bright house. Here we are making collages in the playroom,
gardening in the backyard,
and reading in the library.
Max 36 °C / 98 °F  Min 22 °C / 72 °F

Engineer and Conductor

Pau made this train and track all by himself.

15 October 2012

Fish Face

Once these guys were cooked I asked Papa if I could eat the fish face. Mama was so grossed out!

14 October 2012

Curriculum Day

Dragonflies Curriculum Day at Bright Beginnings, our nursery school. All of our teachers set up tables all around the playground and the parents got to spend 15 minutes in each area, doing what we do in school. They had so much fun!
There is our art teacher (above) explaining how different kids represent the same things in completely different ways. Here is our Arabic teacher (on the left). It's a shame that she looks so serious here because we have NEVER seen her with anything but a smile. Maybe that's why I am getting so good at Arabic!
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05 October 2012

Reading Room