27 July 2009

High Chair/Small Boy

Today was an important day for me. . . . I got my first high chair! I wasn't sure I'd like it. . .

But once the peas were served, I knew everything would be OK.

First-time parents take note: Do not make the same mistake my parents did by giving me a nice bath just before dinner.

Al fresco

13 July 2009

My First Bike Ride

This weekend I went for my first bikeride and it was awesome! Dad and Mom took me into Boston where we met some friends for a picnic in the park.

I quickly figured out that my trailer is not only good for riding, it's good for napping, too!

06 July 2009

Sailing for the first time

Mi primer baño en el mar

My new friends

To celebrate the 4th of July holiday we spent the weekend at my new friends´place in Cape Cod.

This is my friend Law. He is a big boy, and we have fun together.

This is Law´s dad, James. He is very cool, and can sail anything, boats, surfboards... He washed the salt off me after my first sea bath.

This is Law´s mom, Natalie. She´s very sweet, I like when she holds me. She is expecting a baby girl to be Law's little sister.

Law and I playing the "I'm an opera singer" game.

01 July 2009

Ode to Uncle Ben

Last night we had a wonderful visit by our friends Jim and Mich who were here from the Netherlands. Jim is a friend of Uncle Ben's from his college days at Harvard.

Clearly, my uncle was on my mind when I stole the pork chop off of my father's plate in a tribute to the stories of Ben gumming lamb chops when he was my age!

(life will never be the same)

Mourning MJ