22 March 2011

Sunday on the Farm

On Sunday we spent the afternoon with the DeNormandies on their beautiful New England farm in Lincoln.

That's James with Papa and Pau.

Law is great at climbing trees. It won't be long before Celia is climbing trees, too.

We relaxed in their house which used to be a bull pen. That is so cool.

I like Celia. I think Pau does, too. She likes talking to him and touching him (sometimes in the eye!) and he was a really good sport!

He definitely likes Natalie, too.

I got to do some real work, too. Burning the cut grass. Fun!

We ended the day spotting four deer out in the field. Like magic!

Haymarket with Kelly

On Saturday we all went to Haymarket to buy vegetables with Kelly. She was a good sport and kept us warm with her good cheer even though it was so COLD outside.

19 March 2011


Loving my new pa amb tomaquet T Shirt!

and my new Catalan books, too!

16 March 2011

Engine Company #9

Today we went to the fire station on Lexington Avenue near our house to see the big fire truck.

It was a 2004 Pierce Dash with a 1250 gallons per minute pump and a 500 gallon water tank.

I got to steer. It was awesome.

I tried the back seat, too.

Fireman Andy showed me all the bells and whistles.

Thank you Fireman Andy!

Out to Lunch

It's a beautiful spring day and I wore my red hat with ear flaps.

We walked to my favorite restaurant, Full Moon.

"More ketchup!"

Hi Grandpa Don.

Baby Pau sleeping.