30 July 2011

"N" is for...

today I was playing with my letters. I picked letter "N" and papa said: "N for Nuria"
I responded: "I think N is for Naomi"

Then I picked an "M".
Papa said: "M is for Miki, like grandpa Miki"
And I added: "M is also for muffin"

23 July 2011

Well. . . .

Wellfleet. That is where we are for the weekend. Our friends Janice and Ron invited us to escape the heat of the city and enjoy Cape Cod. Thank you kind friends!

Me Amo Natalia

Natalia is my beloved Tot Lot teacher, author of many biweekly reports recounting tales of my adventures there. She is going to go to graduate school in New York and I will miss her very much. Have fun and good luck Natalia! You are the best!

09 July 2011

Location is Everything

After dinner tonight I told Mama, " I want Papa."

"I know," she said, "but Papa is in Abu Dhabi."

"Let's 'kype him."

"We can't skype him now because he's sleeping. He is in his bed, in his room, sleeping."

I went to see for myself. I checked his room.

"He's not there," I said.

"No," Mama told me, "He's in his bed in his hotel room in Abu Dhabi. We can try to skype him in the morning. "

"O.K.," I said. "Sure."

When Papa's Away. . . .

I take care of our garden. Today I ate 2 out of 3 beautiful red cherry tomatoes. Mama and Pau shared number 3.

07 July 2011

July 4 Fun on Cape Cod

Here's Jamie sailing 'my' sail boat.

And Natalie watching Law enjoy the rope swing.

Celia had a swing, too.

Three architects and their castle.

Pau enjoys the day.

and thinks about the meaning of Independence Day.