31 March 2009


Mi Prima Florence

I met beloved Florence today. My Great-Grandmother was her first cousin. I think that makes her my first cousin 3 times removed. We went on a stroll with my mom and Grandma Judy. That's four generations strolling all together. Pretty neat.

Of course I also managed to sneak in a nap.

My First Hike

in the Santa Monica Mountains. We went on the trail near my grandparents' house. I had a chance to start my tan while mom did all the leg work.

30 March 2009

More Peeps!!

Today was another action-packed day in Los Angeles. In the morning we had visits by a bunch of my mom's friends and in the afternoon we went to Pasadena with my cousin Claire to visit Aunt Kimiko, Lauren and Naomi.

Here I am meeting Bruno. He is cool (check out those Vans). So are his parents, Diego and Kim. Kim was so nice I fell asleep in her arms.

This is Caroline. Not only can she play with Legos, she can also walk and talk. So lucky! Here's her mom, Annie and a handsome boy she picked up.

I also got to meet Kim and Ben after I woke up from a cat nap. I love having a bed in the living room!

29 March 2009

What a Day!!!

Today the house was filled with friends and family coming to visit. Georgia liked holding me (she's a very grown up almost 3-year-old). Trisha was so pretty and smells really nice. Brandon and Andy are professional at holding babies like me - they are going to be great dads! Uncle Ben is the good lookin' fellow in the crazy tie-dyed T shirt. And that's cousin Naomi in the last photo. I can't wait until she babysits me!

Talkin' 'bout My Generation

Last night I met all of my Broder cousins in my generation. Well, to be honest, I slept while they met me.
Clockwise from top right are Lauren (14 years old), Naomi (12), Maya (14), Jake (10) and Noah (18). I'm the one in the middle (2 months).
This is my cousin Claire (she is my mom's generation) with Grandma Judy. Claire came all the way from Phoenix to see me!

28 March 2009

My First Flight!

Last night my mom and I flew from Boston to Los Angeles.

At first I didn't like the plane but once I befriended the flight crew and realized how many cool lights there were to look at I had a great time. Mostly I slept on Mom's lap.

Meanwhile my dad was flying the other direction to a conference in Bonn, Germany. I already miss him but all the new people I meet in LA will keep me distracted.

While in LA we are staying at Grandpa Don and Grandma Judy's house - near Universal City on the map.

26 March 2009

Goin' to California!

I didn't know that this is what they meant by "packing for our trip"

23 March 2009

Mi Prima Angela

Thanks for visiting us and filling my parents with delicious sweets. If only I could have some. . .

Skyping with friends

That's Pol and his dad Isaac on the computer screen. They live far away in the UK but we got to see each other and talk through the computer thanks to Skype!

22 March 2009

Lovely visitors

Deb, Gordy and Natalie came over on Saturday afternoon. Thank you for bringing treats for my parents and for me! It was fun hanging out with you guys!

16 March 2009

Meeting John Harvard

Sunday was a lovely day to meet John. We also went shopping with the ladies (Nuria and Mom). The perfect opportunity for a nap.

More friends!

Julia and Cesar came to play (Lluis and Clara, too). Cesar is lucky enough to have teeth. I want to be like him some day.

15 March 2009

My first visit to Haymarket

On my first visit to Haymarket tía Nuria and Dad did all of the heavy lifting. Mom carried me - a mere 9 pounds 5 ounces (4.2 kilos) more or less. That's only slightly more than the weight of the potatoes in the Spanish omelette (tortilla) that Nuria made for dinner. I fell quickly to sleep while the three of them enjoyed their peace. Check out that tortilla!

Tía Nuria viene de visita

14 March 2009


Today was the first day I played with my mobile. It was great fun. Until it wasn't.

I was thinking. . .

. . .

Charles River Thaw

Mom took me on a walk along the Charles today. All the snow has melted but it was still wicked cold.

10 March 2009

I love my dad

and he loves me.
By the way, it DID snow today. There was frozen rain, too.

09 March 2009

Spring is (almost) Here!

I went on a stroll with my mom and dad today around Fresh Pond. They were very happy to feel the sunshine (60F/16C) and to see that the pond is melting. Hopefully the forecast for snow tomorrow is just simply wrong.