26 May 2010

Looking Back

Here are some photos of me on a daycare excursion to Castle Island from March when it was still chilly in Boston.

23 May 2010

Doing Some Reading

Home Sweet Home

After 2 weeks with Mom at Grandma Judy and Grandpa Don's house in LA, I was happy to return to my Daddy in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Breakfast on the patio.

Taking my hippo for a walk.



18 May 2010

Boy Band

I was an honorary guest in the inaugural meeting of LA's up-and-coming boy band. The conductor hats are part of their signature look. Here Casey and Bruno model. Eli slipped away while I wasn't looking. . . Those boys are FAST!!

Fun at my Grandparents' House

My uncle Michael ponders life while I pose for the camera.

Jack came for another visit. Here is Daddy Brandon is showing him some love.

Grandpa lets me wear his beloved hat.

13 May 2010


Today we met Andy and Brandon's son Jack. He is one cool cat.
Look at that proud Daddy!

10 May 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Today we celebrated Mother's Day with a brunch at Aunt Donna and Uncle Michael's house.

Playing ball with my cousins Maya and Jake.

Fun with Florence.

Aunt Naida gives me a hand.

Grandpa, Aunt Donna and Barbara enjoying the sun.

Jake proves how strong he is.

I like Kylie, just not as much as she likes me. . . .

09 May 2010

Friends + FamilyI

My mom and I are in LA for a visit. I took my 18th airplane ride on Wednesday morning. So far we are having an action packed vacation.

On Thursday I saw Ryan and got to meet her new son Beckett (he's only 4 months old but we wear the same size diapers!).

Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa took me to see my first concert. . . . my cousin Maya's jazz band!

Today we had many friends and family members come to see us.
We had bagels and mimosas with Trisha, Bridget and her new daughter Mabel, and Stacy and her daughter Piere.

Georgia and Susanna had a lot of fun. They harvested oranges.

Grandpa was nice enough to share his lunch with me.

Here's a lovely Johnsen family portrait.

And, best of all, I FINALLY got to see my dad.

If only he could kiss me through the screen. . . . . I love you Daddy!!!!!