31 May 2012


This is the rice aisle at LuLu Hypermarket. We had no idea there could be so many choices!

There is also an aisle dedicated to mangoes of all kinds. We didn't get a photo, but they all taste very different than the ones we ate in the U.S.

43 °C / 109 °F
24 °C / 76 °F
max humidity 84%

30 May 2012

Abu Dhabi Mums

Today Mama took us to the Abu Dhabi Mums play group. It is basically a giant room filled with babies, toddlers, moms, and toys. Chaos reigns. I can't stand it. Pau loves it.
I try to stay focused on one thing or another but it's nearly impossible. The kids are mostly younger than me so I'm not too interested. 

Pau, on the other hand, is in heaven. He jumps right in, riding on everything, making friends, and bouncing from one thing to the next, un-phased by all the disarray. 

Mama is more like me, but she does her best to keep us both engaged and sometimes tries to socialize (not her strength).

35 °C / 95 °F
clear skies are back!

28 May 2012

The Look

So far (3pm) it's only 38 °C / 100 °F
but when we left the mall "play fun area" and walked outside into the uncovered parking lot, the heat hit me like a ton of bricks.

"It's so hot it's hard on my body," I told Mama. She agreed. 

We let the AC run in the car for a minute before getting inside to drive home.

In case you are wondering, it's a kitchen timer in my hand. A wonderful tool I use for timing things I am cooking or baking. Also good for trying to wake up Pau.

27 May 2012


This is our wonderful babysitter Nilanthi. She is from Sri Lanka. She plays with us and cooks the most delicious dinners! She even lets us help in the kitchen. We love you Nilanthi!!!

eat. big. lamb bone.

43 °C / 110 °F
28 °C / 82 °F
max humidity 70%
still dusty

26 May 2012


Lately Pau and I are keeping eachother awake.

At night, I like to read him stories and ask him questions and explain things. The more he has to say, the more fun this is, and the longer it lasts each night.

But no matter how late we go to bed, Pau seems to wake up early asking for milk, or wanting to see Mama. He wakes me up, and, knowing there is a day of fun ahead, it's hard for me to get back to sleep.

When it comes to nap time, Pau usually falls fast asleep. . . but not me. I like reading to myself or watching cartoons and I REALLY don't want to nap.

Sometimes my reading gets so loud, Pau wakes up from his nap.

Sometimes when he is napping I say,
"Pau. . . . Pau. . . Pau. . . Pau!"
until he hears me (and wakes up).

So, you see, lately we are T I R E D.

Dhow Graveyard

Today the air seemed to be even worse than yesterday. We went to the fruit and vegetable souk at the port, and then explored from the air conditioned comfort of our car.
You can barely see the towers that usually define the Abu Dhabi skyline.

We found a dhow graveyard, which was cool. 

42 °C / 107 °F
24 °C / 76 °F
max humidity 89%

25 May 2012

23 May 2012


In the hotel each morning we receive the Gulf News. The front page is usually a real treasure trove of information (chuckle). Yesterday I found this tidbit that brilliantly presents some people´s attitude toward women.

Dubai: A 24-year-old Arab woman was injured in a jet ski accident in Al Mamzar in April, marking the first incident of its kind in Dubai, according to the Dubai Ports Police Station.

The woman was chased by a group of male jet-skiers which caused her to increase speed and lose control of her jet ski, and she sustained a minor injury when her face hit the steering wheel, Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Al Mazyoud, Director of Ports Police, said.

"We advise women not to go jet-skiing on their own as this may result in men harassing them and causing them to become confused and lose control," he said.

I ask you, is this incident the moment to chastise the woman for doing a little thrill seeking? Sounds like it's the men who've lost control. Blame the ones doing the chasing!!!! That's my 2 cents.
- Leah

36 °C / 97 °F
28 °C / 83 °F
max humidity 70%

22 May 2012

The Chocolate Pudding Experience

Listen to what Pau says at the end of the video.
He's calling the chocolate pudding "soap." What a goof!

44 °C / 112 °F
26 °C / 79°F
max humidity 84%

21 May 2012

Burj Marina

Going up the glass elevator in the Marina Mall tower.

 The cafe at the top of the tower.

We ate our pasta and drank fresh mango juice. Pau decided to wear most of his. Mama had fresh watermelon juice. Yum. Then Papa arrived with our NEW CAR! Photos to come. . .

39 °C / 103 °F
28 °C/ 82°F
max humidity 79%

20 May 2012

Escape to Starbucks

Yesterday was our first encounter with painful heat. We went out at 11 am to visit Heritage Village. We lasted 15 minutes. It must have been 44°C / 111° FDuring that time I had to take my pants off because they were giving me a heat rash. Pau's cheeks turned red and Mama couldn't stand it.

So, we got back in the car, blasted the air conditioner, and went to Starbucks. Is there anything a couple cappuccinos and cups of ice can't fix?

16 May 2012

41 °C / 106 °F today

We Survived 2 Months!

To celebrate our 2 months in Abu Dhabi, Mama and Papa went on their first date. They went to Ray's Bar on the 62nd floor of the Jumeirah hotel at Etihad Towers, next door to our hotel.

This photo was taken in the elevator. Each elevator and each corridor has different spectacular stones.

15 May 2012

Stack 'em Up!

Isn't Pau's creation cool?
high 45 °C / 113 °F
low 30 °C/ 87 °F
max humidity 34%

Certain People

Andrés (Upon seeing a striped sign post in a parking lot): They use that pole for construction. It looks like the one in the construction book.

Leah: They use that pole to hang signs from. That sign says "Private Parking"

Andrés: What's Private Parking?

Leah: That means that only certain people can park there.

Andrés: Are WE certain?

Leah: In this case, no.

Andrés: Why aren't we certain?

HIGH School

Andrés: Can I go to the HIGH school?

Miquel: In about 10 or 11 years when you are 13 or 14 you can go to high school.

Andrés: Why you have to be TALL to go to HIGH school?

Miquel: You don't have to be TALLER to go to high school. You have to be OLDER.


13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

high 42 °C / 109 °F
low 26 °C/ 79 °F
max humidity 89%

Al Ain Zoo

Our first road trip in the UAE! We drove 2 hours east through the desert to Al Ain. We saw sand dunes, camels, date palms and mosques out the car window. In Al Ain we spent the afternoon at the zoo. It was about 41 celsius (106 fahrenheit) when we arrived.

 Even these guys think it's hot.

 I am happy to have this glass window here. . . 

because these african dingos look mean!

Pau charmed the buggy driver

Bird Watching at Al Ain Zoo

Emiratis love their falcons!

This is the first time we saw penguins swimming.
We pretended to be penguins, swimming on the floor.
Sometimes the most interesting things to watch are not the official exhibits.
Pau likes to suck on his fingers, especially lately. It could have to do with the fact that he is getting 5 new teeth (including 4 molars) right now!
This photo shows Pau's black eye. He got it while boogie dancing in the bathtub.

09 May 2012

07 May 2012


Papa came back from New York yesterday. We were so happy to see him. . . and to get so many cool presents!!!

New Toys!

Now we scoot around like pros.

42 °C / 107 °F
26 °C/ 79 °F
max humidity 79%

05 May 2012