24 June 2011


Tonight when Mama was feedling baby Pau before bed I started spinning around, holding my pajama pants. They made wind and it reminded me of a fan.

"We need a fan," I told Mama. She said that the fan was in the living room. I ran into the living room and tried to turn the fan on, but it didn't work.

"The fan's not working," I said. "It have batteries."

"The fan has batteries?" Mama asked.

"Yah," I said. "We haf to change the batteries."

23 June 2011

My Own Way

Last week at breakfast I finished my oatmeal and I asked for some mango. Mama cut the mango into pieces and gave it to me in a bowl.

"I want a new 'poon," I said.

"It's spoon with an ssss," she corrected me.

"No. 'Poon," I told her. "I say it my own way."

21 June 2011

Germans / Brothers / Hermanos


Ruud and Raji had a goodby party. Papa, Pau and I went and had a great time. There was paint, markers and playdough for children, and Ruud (not in the picture) made yummy bbq chicken.

Feeding Pau

today I fed Pau for the first time. It was fun. He eats a lot. I wasn't sure what to do at first, but luckily he did!

berenar al pati

17 June 2011

Too cool for school

Typical day going to Tot Lot. After breakfast, I choose my clothes. Today I chose my favorite hippo pants and uncle Ben's shirt. I put the lunch in my cocodrile backpack, and then papa takes me in the bike trailer. I like the trailer. Some days, mama takes me in the car.

13 June 2011

A=B, B=C => A=C

[castellano abajo]
Last week I demonstrated twice my transitive analysis capabilities.

I wanted papa to lay down in the floor and play with me. But he said his head hurt. Then, he laid in the couch. I said: "papa head not hurt in the couch"

For the last few days I have been wanting to make pancakes. But every day mama said we had no eggs. Then, on Saturday, mama said: "let's make pancakes" and I said happily: "yes, we have eggs!!!"


La semana pasada demostré mis capacidades de análisis transitivo.

Le pedí a mi papa que se tumbare en el suelo conmigo, pero el me dijo que le dolía la cabeza. Luego, se tumbó en el sofá. Así que yo dije [en inglés] "en el sofá no le duele la cabeza al papa"

Durante los últimos días quería hacer pancakes, pero mi mama siempre me decía que no había huevos. Luego, el sábado, mama dijo "vamos a hacer pancakes", y yo dije muy contento: "si, hay huevos!!"