30 October 2009

21 October 2009

I Love My Grandmas!

Anna always makes me laugh when she sings Ari Ari Tatanet. I wish she didn't have to go back to Barcelona. I miss you Grandma!

Grandma Judy taught me Patty Cake. She is very patient and always ready to get down to my level - even though it means spending hours on the floor.

19 October 2009

This Is Not a Joke

Those white flakes you see aren't dirt on the camera lens.
They aren't dandruff either.
It is October 18th and we just had our first snow of the season.
You've gotta love Boston.

18 October 2009

my first Lobster

tonight we went out to celebrate grandma´s Anna´s birthday.
I got to taste lobster, and to play with that fun toy my parents use to
crack the lobster´s shell

So Many Grandparents!

Grandpa Don, Mom and me, Grandma Judy, Grandma Anna, and Dad. Thank you all for travelling so far to be with me!

15 October 2009

Indian Food, Yum

Today I had my first Indian food - samosas, papadam, naan, and paneer. It was D-licious! My mom is hoping it all comes out as well as it went in. . . .

Thank You For the Gifts!

Yesterday Janot and Pablo came over with many special gifts. In my hands they will have fascinating new lives!

07 October 2009

My First Art Museum

We went to the National Gallery and saw some very cool installations. I enjoyed looking at the modern art but my dad kept saying things like, "Anyone can paint a canvas white. How did this get into a museum?"

Alexander Calder mobile and I. M. Pei ceiling

More DC Family = More DC Family Fun

On Sunday we went to Bethesda, Maryland and visited the Herman family (they are Broder kin). Asher and Leo have awesome toys! They showed me how to play and Leo demonstrated his perfect crawl. I cannot wait until I can crawl as fast as he does!

Asher at play

Leo and me

my first swing!

DC Family Fun

Great aunt Elizabeth and great uncle Mark hosted a delicious family brunch to gather three generations of Tushnet kin. Here are (from back to front and left to right): cousin Sam, Mark, Zach, cousin Laura, Mom and me, cousins Harry and Leila, their mom Margo, cousin Leonard, Elizabeth and cousin Nora.

Sam came down to my level for some conversation.

Leila demonstrated the crawl.

Margo made me smile while her twins played football.

Civil War Reenactment

My cousin Leonard and his dad, Zach, brought us to a civil war reenactment at Walter Reed Medical Center in DC. It was pretty interesting and I liked tasting "hard tack," the dry biscuits they ate as provisions.

05 October 2009

Flight XIII

Today I went on the 13th flight of my life, a comfortable and quick
Washington Dulles-Boston Logan on JetBlue 1252.

03 October 2009

Taxation Without Representation

Yesterday we flew to Washinton D.C., the capital of the United States of America. We are staying with Great Aunt Elizabeth and Great Uncle Mark.

Elizabeth and me

This was my first encounter with Gizmo. She´s a very special cat.

Today we had lunch in the Dupont Circle neighborhood and dinner in Maryland. I met my cousins Katie and Andrew and their boys Asher and Leo. We forgot to bring the camera to dinner so you´ll have to wait to see photos of us all together.