24 August 2011

18 August 2011

17 August 2011

playing in peace

here I am playing in peace with "my games" in papa's iPad while mama
takes a nap

Kelly comes for a visit

Kelly came to visit Pau and me.
We all had delicious dinner, including salad with lettuce, arugula and
mint from our patio, and pasta with pesto sauce mama made with the basil
Kelly and I picked up.

She left with a beautiful polar bear eraser, I like it because it bounces.

10 August 2011

Big boy crib

Today I got the side removed from my crib, because now I am a big boy
and I can get up to make pipi at night.

I invited Pau to play with me before going to bed.

Grandma Anna

Grandma Anna came to visit from Barcelona. We had a lot of fun.
Here we are all having lobster on a rainy Sunday. And here, she's
holding Pau.