23 May 2011

Musselling in Maine

Our friends the Macombers hosted us for an amazing weekend on the island of North Haven off the coast of Rockland, Maine.

Bill took us musselling on the beach.

We pulled the mussels off of the rocks.

Pau watched from his lounge chair.

Then Bill cooked the mussels with seaweed in a pot on the fire Papa made.

We waited until the meat turned orange.

I wasn't sure I would like them. . . .

but I did!

Bill enjoys his meal.

Caroline had hot dogs. Her mama Annie had mussels while Dorothy slept in the carrier.

Pau slept in Mama's arms.

22 May 2011


The house we stayed at in Maine was named Janzabil.
Caroline and Pink Baby (aka Dotty) were wonderful hosts.

They gave us happy hour snacks when we arrived.

They played with us inside

and outside.

And they made us delicious meals. . . So civilized!

Who needs parents?

Now I Know My A B C's

Here I am singing on the ferry back from North Haven to Portland, Maine.

21 May 2011

Swim Lesson

On Fridays the Tot Lot Toddlers go to the MIT pool for swim lessons. So fun! (The lifeguard said I was a natural!)

20 May 2011

Andrés' Passport Photo Shoot 2011

Pau's Passport Photo Shoot 2011

Back to Cambridge

We had a wonderful time in California but now we're back home in Cambridge. Pau did really well on his first airplane rides and I was so excited I didn't sleep a wink!

While in LA, Pau learned to sit up. Now he has his own high chair!

13 May 2011

Backyard Bliss

The weather here in Los Angeles has been sunny and warm - perfect for playing in the back yard.

I'm trying to catch the bird's shadow.

My First Train

Mama took Baby Pau and me to Travel Town in Griffith Park where she used to play as a child. We climbed on a big steam engine. At the museum my favorite thing was climbing up the stairs and running down the ramp. Then we had a picnic and got to ride on a little train with a real Conducter. That was fun. And Mama bought me my first train!


Last night Trisha came over with Bella and Marvin. She brought dinner. While we were waiting for her to come I kept asking Mama, "Where's Tushie?"


11 May 2011

Swimming Pool

Mommy was so eager to see me swim that she convinced me it was warm enough to try today.

Brrrrrrrrr! Too Cold!