27 June 2009

Summertime Rolls

My Parents

This is a photo booth picture from Naomi's Bat Mitzvah. I am posting it now because I am missing my dad. I can't wait to see him on Sunday!!!

25 June 2009

Playing Around the House

Grandpa demonstrating how to crawl

Showing off my double chin


Admiring Uncle Ben

22 June 2009

Full House (minus one)

Some of my California family are here visiting this week. Grandma Judy, Grandpa Don, Uncle Ben and Cousin Naomi all came to see me and to keep us company while Dad is in Vienna. We had lots of fun but missed him. Especially since it was Father's Day yesterday! Luckily we had two wonderful fathers available to celebrate with.

17 June 2009

My Second Trip to Los Angeles

Last weekend I took my second trip to LA. This time I went for my cousin Naomi's Bat Mitzvah. She was a total glamor girl!!!

After the party I stayed at Grandma and Granpa's house where I played with Ben, Owen, and Josh.

Ryan read to me.

And many people helped feeding me:

cousin Maya

aunt Donna (with cousins Maya and Noah)

Andy and Brandon

10 June 2009

Doctor says, "So far so good!"

Yesterday we went for my 4 month pediatrician visit. Apparently I am a happy, healthy baby, weighing 12 lbs 12 oz (5.7 kg). I am 24" (70 cm) long and my head is 17 1/4" (44 cm) in circumference. I received a few vaccines - 2 shots and a sweet drink, and I barely cried at all. Dad forced Mom not to look, which was a good idea. Yesterday I felt a little sickish in the afternoon, but still managed to crack some smiles and play a little bit. I also started napping in my crib instead of in the swing. It works out well because when I wake up I am not stiff AND I have toys to play with. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the BEST news from the pediatrician. . . . I get to start eating solid food!!!! Stay tuned for THAT adventure. . .