26 September 2011

He Talks and (Almost) Walks

Pau is a baby on the move. He crawls everywhere, pulls himself to standing, and tries to take steps.

He has also started to talk.
"Na na" is banana.
"Muh" is milk.
"Ma" is mama.

When we say Clap! he claps!

22 September 2011

"When I was little"

A few days ago I was helping Mama to fold clothes. I was separating the socks from the other clothes and we looked at the different sizes of socks we had. I picked up Pau's sock,"When I was little I had socks like these." I told her. (Now I'm pretty big).

20 September 2011


Today was my first day of preschool. I woke up and told Mama, "Maybe tomorrow Papa will take me straight to preschool." She asked if I wanted her to take me straight to preschool today instead and I said YES! We went in together and I made a beeline for the trains. I played in preschool all morning. What fun!

02 September 2011

Bubble Gum Alley

This is bubblegum alley, in San Luis Obispo, California, where people
have been sticking their bubble gums for years....


at the kids store

Pau and I made ourselves at home while papa and mama browsed at the kids
store in San Luis Obispo.