31 December 2011

Sunset on the Beach

At sunset we played ball on the beach.

Then we walked to the salt marsh nearby.

We dug in the sand and splashed in the water until it was too cold to stay.

Mama loved watching the sun set.

Juno and Uno made a magnificent entrance.

Good Times with Great Friends

We ended 2011 with our friends on the beautiful beach in Bridgehampton, NY. We took 3 ferries to get there and it was really fun.

This was the house we stayed in. Nice view!!!!

The weather was so warm I had to get naked.

Cy is my new friend. He was very fun and shared his toys and, most importantly, his dog Clementine. Cool shirt, Cy.

Pau and I both fell in love with Clem.

When I look at this picture I can hear Pau saying, "Oooooooh, dog! Wow wow wow," which he said every time he saw Clementine.

Papa fed us pomegranate seeds on the balcony. Yum.

Tony and Juno (not pictured here) were fantastic hosts, even though they were still getting to know their new baby Uno (pictured here).

26 December 2011

My First Shave

Last night Mama and Papa gave me a shaving kit for Hannukah.

I wasn't quite sure how to use it at first.

It worked pretty well on my belly.

Then I tried it out on my face.

Now I am a pro!!!

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

I made it out of clay. And when it's dry and ready, oh dreidel I will play!

11 December 2011

dedicated to papa´s friends in Durban

Actual quotes:
  • "it's boring, boring, too much boring"
  • "why do they talk, and talk and boring?"

[informal stock taking plenary, past 1am, Sunday, Durban time]

10 December 2011

Where is the white cheese?

A: Where did the white cheese go?
M: mama took it to work
A: why?
M; she took it for her friends
A: but I want it
M: me too, but the friends ate it
A: but I want it NOW
(tantrum follows)