27 January 2010

I'm 1 Year Old!!!

Sing-Along at Stellabella Toys

Entertaining myself at the sing-along.

In addition to playing with postcards, I especially enjoy flirting with the nannies.
The music isn't bad either.

20 January 2010

My First Voting Booth!

Today Mom took me to the polling place so that I could watch her cast her vote in the special election for Senator of Massachusetts. It was cold and slushy - a nasty day to be out - but she said it was important.

19 January 2010

3 New Teeth

No photos. Just wanted to let everyone know I have 3 new teeth for a grand total of 8 teeth.

Boston Children's Museum

Today Mom and I went on an adventure through the snowy slush to the Boston Children's Museum. We were accompanied by our friends Ida, Max, and Jenny. It was awesome!!!!!!! There was a bodega, a hair salon, a barber shop, a music room, a construction zone, and a wonderful sandbox with super soft sand. And we only saw part of the whole place. Wow.

They looked real but sure didn't taste real.

Ida going shopping.

Max gets a smooch from his mom.

10 January 2010

Flight XVII

After 16 flights, I finally got my seventeenth in business class! It´s
cool sitting in the first row. I ate half my dad's lunch, but for some
reason I didn´t get any of those drinks everyone around me was
getting... At least I had a cool tractor book to play with : )

06 January 2010

Cheers Grandma Judy!

Cousin Love

Morning Craps

the kind you play with dice. . . .

Oso Grande

For the days before New Year's Eve Mom, Dad and I went to Big Bear to visit our friends Elias, Casey, and their parents Pam and Jason. We stayed with them in their AWESOME house with a back yard like a snowy park!

pine needles are fascinating
but snow can be cold
it's always better when someone picks me up
or takes me on a ride in a sleigh
or in the swing
and the best way to end a long cold day is with a nice warm bath with friends!

Thank you Walchli family!

03 January 2010

Playing with Owen and SuperMom

Last week we went to Venice to play with Owen and his mom, Ryan.

Owen is going to get a little brother VERY soon.

We took a walk to Main Street to have lunch and explore.

The day was a success!

My First Cell Phone!

It is the coolest toy EVER. Nevermind that my parents were in their twenties when they got theirs! I guess the times have changed. . . .