28 January 2011

I love opening gifts

I'm TWO!!!!!

Today is my Birthday!!!! Mom baked chocolate cupcake for me. It is
But dad seems to want to eat my foot instead.

my new tiger pajamas

I'm practicing wearing my underwear. Yesterday I went the whole day
without a single accident! :-)

22 January 2011

Pau's Latest Discovery

His hands! He loves to chew on them and can watch them endlessly. Cheap thrill, huh?

20 January 2011

Breakfast with Grandma Judy

Grandma Judy came to visit while Papa is in Abu Dhabi. Of course I caught another cold, but we manage to have fun anyway! I'm glad she puts up with all of my antics.

17 January 2011

French Fries and Ketchup

Last night I was inspired to ask for french fries with my steak. Mama promised we'd have some today. Look what she made me for lunch. . . Yum! I told Mama "French fries really good. I'm happy. Supermarket."

Daily Rituals

As you probably already know, I love helping. Here I am helping to make Mama's morning coffee.

What you may not yet know is that I don't always like getting dressed. When it's time to put on clothes or pajamas or jackets I yell, "Run in Circles!!!" and then guess what I do. Run in circles!!

Big Brown Eyes

12 January 2011

Snow Day!!!!

Here's the view from our windows at 8:00am. No Tot Lot today and no work for Papa. Fun, fun, fun!

10 January 2011

DeNormandie Visit

Natalie and her daughter Celia came to visit on Saturday. I had fun playing with Celia after a few tug-of-wars over some toys. I eventually even let her wear my hippo bob and sit in my high chair.

She is a very smiley girl! Thanks for visiting us DeNormandies! (We hope to see Law and Jamie real soon.)

Chilly Friday

Friday was another cold day in Cambridge. In the morning we had breakfast at home. Pau keeps us company sitting in his own chair. . . on the table.

Later we took a walk with our neighbors Christy, Alexander and Ivan (it's hard to see the twins in this photo - they are in sitting in their stroller). We stopped to warm up with snacks at the Hi-Rise ("Hi-Price") bakery near our house.

07 January 2011

Smiley Baby Pau

Pau is a very happy, social boy. He loves smiling and tries to talk. He also enjoys playing with the monkey mobiles.