28 November 2009

27 November 2009

My First Thanksgiving

We all have a lot to be thankful for. . .

This is our feast. We had roast turkey with corn bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, baked sweet and plain potatoes, steamed green beans, and a fennel/apple/celery/pomegranate/walnut salad. And, of course, homemade pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream.

We had some beverages, too.

That's the piece of pie I ate for desert.

Nothing ends a wonderful day like a nice hot bath!

20 November 2009

Another Day, Another Tooth

Sorry, no photos today. But thankfully I have a fifth tooth. There's no stopping me now! 

17 November 2009

Chinese Delicacies

Deyu cooked us a delicious Chinese meal and I got to use my own set of chopsticks. Thank you Deyu!!

12 November 2009

Evening Walk

We took a stroll on the Minuteman Bikeway in Arlington. I slept cuddled in my nice winter coat while the last leaves of autumn fell around us.

09 November 2009

Jake and Inara came over yesterday to visit. I impressed them with my splits and other tricks.

Today we had family time.

Grandma lets me explore the world.

Jenny cracks me up.

07 November 2009

Me Encanta el Agua

More Family!

Today we went to South Pasadena for a visit.

Aunt Kimiko keeps me smiling. 

Can you see my two new top teeth?

Here are my beautiful cousins Naomi and Lauren.

06 November 2009

SWA LAdies

Mom took me to visit her old office in downtown Los Angeles - SWA LA. I had fun charming the ladies. That's Yoon Ju, Ying Yu and Dawn. Gerdo (not shown here) showed me how to use a rolling ruler. Pretty cool.

04 November 2009

New Skills and Communication

Yesterday I learned how to sit up from lying down. Now when Mom comes to get me after my nap she finds me sitting in my crib. She's impressed.

I've also gotten very good at clapping.

I enjoy looking at books and turning pages, especially while on the potty : ).

I am trying to learn to sing "Ari Ari Tatanet" but so far I just say "Aah!"

I can say "Ma Ma" (now I know what it means) and "Ba Ba" and "Guh" and can make a lot of vowel sounds.

I definitely understand "No" and "Yes" but that doesn't mean I agree.

I eat almost everything and I can drink from a glass (preferably a shot glass). When I want more to eat I nod my head "Yes" and/or bang on the table. When I'm finished eating I shake my head "No" or just throw things off of my plate.

In general I do a lot of loud shrieking to get my point across.

This Is How I Do It

02 November 2009

Sunday with Visitors

We had an exciting day of visits yesterday. Uncle Ben brought treats - my cousins Naomi and Lauren (and some sushi. . .  but don't worry, I didn't eat any). They helped take care of me and all the other babies.

This is my friend Owen and his mom Ryan. Owen is a very generous big boy. He fed me grapes and shared my appreciation of keys. He has a little brother on the way. Lucky guy!

Bill took me for a ride. That's Trisha and Marvin behind us.

Caroline and Annie played with the giant mouse.

FINALLY a baby smaller than me! This is Piere and her mamma, Stacy.

My First Halloween

Saturday was my first Halloween. I had a fun-filled day and was very believable in my Adorable Baby Costume.
Mom and I took a hike in the morning and had a celebrity sighting (Jim Belushi). Afterwards we drove to Rancho Park for my cousin Jake's 11th birthday party. I picnicked with Maya and Aunt Donna and Uncle Michael.

Michael let me wear his hat (it almost fit).

After the party we visited Florence in her apartment in Westwood. She had the best toys. . . .

Who knew tearing paper napkins could be so fun!

Next we went to Mike and Donna's to watch the big kids dress up. Maya gave me piano lessons while dressed as an exploded rocketship. By trick-or-treat time I was so exhausted I made mom sing to me on the whole ride home. All in all it was a very fun Halloween.

Congratulations Grandma Judy!!!!

Mom and I arrived in LA on Friday. It was sunny and warm (as usual!) and Grandma and Grandpa picked us up at the airport. We played and rested at home for most of the day which was a good thing because Saturday was action packed!

Grandma and Grandpa left in the morning to go to Palo Alto where Grandma will receive a fantastic honor for all of her hard work creating The Soldiers Project. She is one of the 5 big winners of The Purpose Prize. Even though I can't talk yet, I feel incredibly proud of her great accomplishment. Grandpa deserves a lot of credit for being her support through this giant endeavor.
You can click the links above to learn more about it.

Congratulations Grandma!!!