27 February 2011

So Sad to Say Goodbye

We were all sad when it was time to say goodbye to Nuria and Gabriel. Pau cried A LOT last night when he realized Nuria had gone back to Geneva.

We miss you already!

Red Bones

After shovelling lots of snow we took a walk to Red Bones for some ribs. . .

I am a natural at devouring them, but I watched Papa to learn his technique.

After that I fell fast asleep in the double stroller.
Can you guess what I had later for dinner?
More ribs!!!!

Shoveling Snow is FUN!


26 February 2011

Grandma Anna

She "virtually" joined us for breakfast this morning. Molts petons Anna!

That's Love

Can you see it in their eyes? Nuria and Pau have a special connection. . .

Gabriel the Multi-tasker

he can win at dominoes while putting Baby Pau to sleep.

24 February 2011

Museo Para Niños

no es un museo, es un gran parque de juegos. . .

Mi primo Gabriel es un aficianado de trenes. Ha hecho un blog www.club-des-trains.blogspot.com

22 February 2011

Chilly Stroll

Today we went for a walk to Fresh Pond but the wind was SOOOOOO COLD we turned around and came home to play dominoes in our warm house.

21 February 2011

Gabriel and Nuria Visit

Gabriel is the best! He plays with Pau like a professional.

I played my first game of dominoes with my Aunt Nuria and cousin Gabriel. Guess who won. . . ME (and Papa)!!!

Milk Mustache!

made with steamed milk, just like mommy and daddy have.

20 February 2011

Winter Bath

When it's cold and miserable outside, there's nothing as fun and relaxing as a nice, warm bath!

15 February 2011

Reading Books

I really enjoy reading books. These are about different kinds of vehicles - still one of my favorite topics - but I am starting to like books with longer stories. I especially love going to the Cambridge Main Public Library with Mama and Pau. So many books!

Tummy Time, Happy Time

hard work for Baby Pau

Boston Catalan Calcoting 2011

On Sunday we had a Catalan gathering to eat calçots and sing songs. Traditionally you barbeque special onions outdoors and eat them dipped in romesco sauce. For our version we roasted vegetables and ate them with the sauce. Actually, I focused on the bread and cookies instead. I was feeling quiet but liked watching the grown-ups singing songs: El gegant del Pi, El Joan petit quan balla, cargol treu banya.

12 February 2011

Pau's First Cooking Lesson

Escalivada and roasted asparagus for the calçot-less Calçotada.

My First Play Date!

On Saturday Lila came over to our house to play. I have been asking to for Lila for a few weeks now,
"Lila home."
"Show Lila new truck."
"Play Lila!"
As soon as Mama told me she would be coming I said, " Ding dong. Lila here!"

We had fun reading letters, cooking soup, dressing the doll Petit and reading books. We also served our Mamas some coffee and some beer.

01 February 2011