20 February 2010

My Unique Standing Technique

I've been doing the splits for months. It is my method of moving from 'crawling' on my belly to sitting on my bum. But the fact that I do the splits to stand up. . . . now that's something you really should see.

What do you think?

13 February 2010

Winterland Nap

We took a walk around Fresh Pond Reservoir today. It was chilly and peaceful. The pond is not completely frozen. . . neither were we.

Another Day, Another Feast

Mom said she wanted a burrito and Dad whipped this up in minutes. Delicious!

08 February 2010


Today I went to visit Leo. He's almost a month old. Once upon a time, I
was that small, but now I'm almost a toddler!
We wanted to take a picture of Leo with his parents, Sheherazade and
David, but since Leo was sleeping, I offered to pose for him.

02 February 2010

My First Birthday Party

We had a birthday party on Saturday and it was a big success. Nine kids plus 18 adults came! Thank you everyone for coming and making the day so special (and for all of the fun gifts!).

I slept through the first half of the party because I was recovering from a cold. Luckily I woke up before all of the cupcakes were gone!

Law generously opened AND played with the "hot flamer" matchbox car he brought me.

Kavi is one day younger than me but boy he has a lot of hair!

This is me ready for bed after a lot of activity. I hope next year I am not sick on my birthday!!!