28 December 2009


A few days ago we had a huge reunion lunch at Jerry's Deli with my parents' friends and their kids. There was 1 tiny baby, 2 pregnant ladies, 3 girls a-dancing, 4 Windward grads. . . . I'll let you see the photos to get the rest of the big picture.

(from left) Bridget, Mike, Jake, Tony, Sage, Susanna, Indra, Joaquin, Miquel, Georgia, me, Leah, Piere, Stacy, Ross, Manish, and Inara

This is me before the mac 'n' cheese and Reuben

Joaquin and his Daddy, Manish. Joaquin is very cool and smiley. He is 1 month older than me. I hope I can play more with him soon!

Tony posing for the Hot Dads calendar

Sage and Indra (the big girl)

Uncle Ross and baby Piere. What a mellow little angel!

Georgia and Susanna having a ball! Those girls are VERY PRETTY and VERY FUN TO WATCH!!!

26 December 2009

Feliz Navidad

Bon Nadal!

We celebrated Xmas at Kimiko's, my auntie.
Here's a pic of me and my cousins in front of the Xmas tree. Xmas is short for Christmas here in the USA.

The tree was nice, but even nicer, under it there was a gift for me, my first Xmas gift. I had fun pulling the ribbons and paper.

Kimiko and her friends prepared a delicious Xmas meal. I was sitting between cousins Naomi and Jake. They helped me eat.

and I ate everything! soup, pasta, turkey, veggies, bread, stuffing, cake...

After dinner I played with auntie Florence. I love playing with her pearl necklace.
But after all the food and fun, I was ready for a nap!

A Walk in Fryman Canyon

Yesterday we took a walk near Grandma Judy and Grandpa Don's house.

It was so clear we could see snow on distant mountains.

I had a great time. . . . .



Life is sweeter when Papa is around!

21 December 2009

A Day at the Beach

We took full advantage of the balmy weather 75 F (24 C) by going to Santa Monica Beach for a walk. I admit I am happy to miss the 30 F (0 C) temperature at home in Cambridge where they got 10 inches of snow yesterday!

I have clearly assimilated the Los Angeles culture. . . sunglasses, cell phone, and all.

Uncle Michael shows me around.

Playing at the playground.

Cousin Maya and Grandma


Arlington West

In my daily life it is very easy not noticing that we are a country waging war. Yesterday I saw Arlington West, an on-going exhibition about the human cost of war.

Each red cross represents 10 dead American soldiers who died in Iraq or Afganistan. Each white cross represents one American soldier. Iraqis are represented by a long, long, long list of names not shown here. Luckily I am too young to really feel the sadness of this place.


17 December 2009

My Grandparents Keep Me Busy

They teach me many things such as how to clean the floor with a sponge.
I hope all of this good work will help me to get over my cold.

15 December 2009

More Candles

Can you see me? I am camouflaged behind the menorah.

Happy Chanukah bath face

14 December 2009

My First Chanukah

About the holiday:
Chanukah is the Jewish Festival of Lights. Although it is not a major holiday, it has gained importance because it falls close to Christmas and gives the Jews their own reason to exchange presents. Everyone likes presents!

The Miracle of Chanukah is a story of revolution and perseverence. Around 164 BC the Syrians occupied Palestine and tried to destroy Judaism. The Jews raised an army to revolt and spent years fighting back the Syrians. After the Syrians defiled the holy Jewish Temple in Jerusalem the Jews, lead by Judah Maccabee, set about reconstruction. To purify the Temple they needed to burn ritual oil in a menorah or candelabra. They had only enough ritual oil to burn for one day, but the oil lasted for eight, allowing enough time to purify more oil. And that is the miracle. Now we celebrate by lighting the menorah and eating special foods (latkas and doughnuts) fried in oil. Yum!

Lauren making latkas, the traditional Chanukah potato pancake fried in oil.

Not yet sure what I think of all this. . . .

Cousin Naomi convinces me Chanukah is fun.

Naomi feeds me delicious brisket and latkas with applesauce.

Aunt Naida gives me a fresh perspective on things.

Sweet Chanukah donuts made by Grandma Judy, Naomi, and Lauren.

This is the menorah. We use the candle on the left (shamash) to use one candle per night for eight nights.

My First Santa Claus

Just one more surprise you can find at the Studio City "Farmers' Market"!

07 December 2009


today I´m feeling better than yesterday. I even had the strength to
steal a chocolate pretzel from my daddy. Yummylicious!!!

06 December 2009

Primera Nevada

Hoy ha sido la primera nevada del año. Ha empezado por la tarde y ha
seguido toda la noche. Pero no he podido salir a jugar con la nieve
porque también tengo mi primer resfriado, junto con mi primera fiebre...
Así que estoy en casa bien calentito y bien cuidado por mi mamá y mi papá.

01 December 2009

San Andrés

Hoy ha sido mi santo. Para celebrarlo, mis papás me han regalado unos cubos con animales. Me gusta apilarlos y luego tirarlos todos por el suelo.