19 March 2010

Dalí o Fideuà?

No, no sóc en Dalí Jr., és que avuí el meu pare ha fet fideuà per sopar...

menjar els musclos és divertit (tot i que m'han hagut d'ensenyar a no mastegar la closca), però el que més m'agrada són els fideus.

15 March 2010

Violet and Lilly

Today I had a visit from Violet and Lilly, and their parents Steve and
Julie. We had fun playing together, and they like hugging and kissing me :-)

Full Moon restaurant

We went to Full Moon restaurant, nearby, is a kid-friendly restaurant. Here you can see me playing with Violet (dressed in violet) and some random kids. My hair looks funky because it got wet in the rain and my dad had some fun while drying it.

10 March 2010

Fun with Mom. Fun with Dad.

A Stroll at Jamaica Pond

On Sunday we took a walk around Jamaica Pond. The ice was melting and the ducks were out.

I practiced walking.

I also practiced sleeping in my stroller.

The photographer.

Happy Family Time

This is our typical afternoon merienda at home with Grandma Judy and Grandpa Don.

07 March 2010

walking on the street

After lunch we went for a walk in North End and the docks. I loved walking on the street (assisted by my dad) and crossed my first two pedestrian walks!!

Italian Restaurant

Grandpa Don and Grandma Judy took us to an Italian restaurant in Boston´s North End. I liked the tomato, mozzarela and linguini. I tried to get my dad´s wine, but I wasn´t fast enough

05 March 2010

A Visit from my California Grandparents

Grandma Judy and Grandpa Don are here visiting me. I have been showing off non-stop. I demonstrated my standing, wagon-pushing, walking (with help), climbing, using the toilet, and talking. My new word is "llet" (milk in Catalan). In his picture I'm showing Grandpa what an expert I am at using the shape sorter.

Morning Espresso

04 March 2010


on Saturday we went to the Museum of Modern Art with my dad's friends María and Gabriel to see their exhibition. We had a great time. First I took a nap, then I tried to play with some of the art pieces, and finally I settled for playing with the audio-tour device.

At home, I played with Simón and we had a great time together!

03 March 2010

Train ride to New York

Last weekend I went to New York with daddy to visit some friends. We took the 6h40am train from South Station in Boston.

I had fun in the train playing with my toys and looking out the window...

And with so much excitement, I took a good nap too.

We got to New York on time for an exciting day of activities!