30 March 2012

The One That Got Away

This was an apartment that Mama and Papa really liked. We tried to get it, but the landlord decided to keep it for himself. I can see why.

25 March 2012

Abu Dhabi Mums

Feeling isolated in our hotel- and taxi-bound life, Mama took us to meet other expat families at a meeting of Abu Dhabi Mums for all age kids. There were a lot of fun toys but all of the kids were a lot younger than me so it wasn't too fun. Mama enjoyed chatting with other "mums" about housing and pediatricians and other details. 

Hopefully we can try the toddler group meeting some other time.

Pau Enjoys the Emirates Palace

We went to the Emirates Palace Hotel for a super fancy piece of cake, and to see the ornate place. The central dome is spectacular.

Pau especially liked the acoustics.

23 March 2012


There were terrible sandstorms in the region so we avoided going outside and entertained ourselves in true Abu Dhabi style. . . by spending the morning at the mall. 
I practiced piano.

Look, Ma, one hand!

20 March 2012

Another Day, Another Mall

Because the sandstorms made the air so bad to breathe, Mama didn't want us to play outside so we went to the mall for the morning. We had snacks, walked around, and watched all the teenagers promenading.

High fashion.

The view from the entrance.

16 March 2012

Day 1 in Abu Dhabi

The cafe inside the Marina Mall

Picking a winner at the hypermarket Carrefour

All the meat, fish, and produce are labelled with where they come from.

Evening walk on the Corniche. Stopping to play with the feather grass.

Our Temporary Home

This is the view looking up from our hotel lobby.

And this is the view looking down from the 20th floor.

15 March 2012

World Tour WInter 2012: Boston > Abu Dhabi, Part II

Our flight from London to Abu Dhabi was even more posh than the previous flight. There was a free seat next to us so we ended up with a family pod of our own. Pau and I took over the two center seats and Mama and Papa had seats on either end. We were able to lie down flat and close of our "room" which was perfect for playing and for sleeping. We arrived to Abu Dhabi in style!

World Tour WInter 2012: Boston > Abu Dhabi, Part I

Checking in at Logan Airport.
5 checked suitcases
3 checked boxes
2 carryon suitcases
2 backpacks
2 carseats
2 strollers
4 humans

Pau enjoys the family room at the executive lounge before departure.

Flight #1: Boston > London Heathrow 

Papa and I slept lying down in our own seats. Mama and Pau shared a seat. . . they call them seats but they felt like beds to us! Business Class Rocks! 

13 March 2012

DeNormandie Land

Our dear friends the DeNormandie family hosted us and took care of us for our final 48 hours in the Boston area. They graciously chauffeured us to and from the airport, allowed us to take over the house while Papa repacked all of our belongings, provided us with delicious meals, shared their toys, and lead us on exploratory missions around the property.
This is the view from the breakfast table. Wow!

Jackpot! Pau explores the toys (Vanya naps). 


Ahhhh. Caffeine. Another dear friend.

Natalie shows Pau his first tadpole.

Celia and Law show us how to catch tadpoles.

Thank you Jamie, Natalie, Law and Celia for being the greatest friends (and hosts) we could ever ask for!