29 January 2012


My Third Birthday!!!

I was so excited for my birthday I couldn't sleep the night before. I was awake by 5:00 am telling Mama and Papa that the night was too long.

We made a chocolate "pie" which we ate for breakfast to celebrate. I didn't want the candles to ruin it so I put the candles in play dough on the tray .


Here's Pau before cake.

Here's Pau after cake.

And then there were presents. . . .

An umbrella for Cambridge. . .

And shades for Abu Dhabi!!!

23 January 2012

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Today Grandma Judy and Grandpa Don braved the snow and cold and took us to play at Stellabella Toys in Inman Square. Then we had lunch at S & S deli (grilled cheese sandwich . . . and bacon with maple syrup). We tried to see the fire trucks at the fire station but they were too busy and had to go put out a fire!

We love you grandparents. Thank you for helping to take care of us while Papa was away. We hope we left you with fond memories and not just nasty colds and coughs!

Breakfast of Champions

17 January 2012


Today I spent a lot of time reading this very important book. It is about Abu Dhabi and Spain. It is about going far, far away and what we have to pack. It is about taking an airplane and going to new cities where Mama and Papa will work. Just ask me, I'll tell you all about it.

15 January 2012

14 January 2012

Fun with the Cat


Me: (chewing a banana) Mama, who makes bananas?

Mama: Trees.

Me: But trees don't have hands!

Mama: That's true. But the tree makes flowers that turn into bananas.

Me: Oh.

after I go to sleep she looks up bananas on wikipedia and learns that banana trees aren't trees - they are large herbaceous flowering plants. i wonder how she'll explain that one. . . .

13 January 2012

A Question of Ethics

Tonight Mama told me the story of the Three Little Pigs before bed. She always ends the story with the Big Bad Wolf climbing down the chimney and falling into a pot of boiling water where the pigs turn him into a soup.

So tonight I finally asked her what had been on my mind.

"Is is OK for people to make other people into soup?"

"No." she said.

"What about wolves?"

Her answer wasn't great. Something about it just being a story. Then she added something about it being OK because the wolf was Big and Bad and they made him into a soup so he wouldn't bother any other little pigs.


I might need a second opinion.

07 January 2012

Three Kings Day

The milk and bread are gone! The camels were here! Presents everywhere! Hurray!!!

I graciously offered to unwrap everyone's presents for them.

Pau enjoys his new sippy cup.

in case this day wasn't awesome enough already, we had chocolate cake. . . . for breakfast! Thank you Kings, thank you camels! I am not sure where you are or where you went, but you left some really great stuff!

06 January 2012

Food for the Camels

making the table

getting the bread

and setting out the milk.

Now we are ready for the Magi on January 6!!

02 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

2012 began as awesomely as 2011 ended. With our pals the Shaye-Shloss family on the beach.

I helped Papa with his infrastructure project.

Cy explained his version of hydrodynamics to Papa.

and Pau chased his shadow.

good thing he's so handsome.

The day ended perfectly with. . . .

More cookies!!!

I didn't remember using Tito's last time. . . .

Giant thank you to Uno, Cy, Juno and Tony for sharing such a perfect vacation with us. Cheers!