27 January 2009

I'm Born!!!!!

Miquel Andrés Muñoz Broder
Born / Nacido / Nascut: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 27 January/Enero/Gener 2009, 09h51

Pes/Peso/Weight: 3313 g / 7 lb 4.7oz. --- Longitud/Length: 48cm / 19 in.

Habitant del món sis mil set-cents cinquanta-sis milions set-cents dotze mil quatre-cents vuitanta-tres
World's inhabitant six billion, seven hundred fifty six million, seven hundred twelve thousand four hundred and eighty three
Habitante del mundo seis mil setecientos cincuenta y seis millones setecientos doce mil cuatrocientos ochenta y tres.


  1. This is wonderful (as are all of you!)\
    Love you,
    Grandma Judy

  2. Miquel and Leah We are so happy to see how much happiers you are with little Andrés!!! Enjoy so much!!
    Many Kisses

    Jaume i Mireia